Outbound Call Centre Outsourcing Services

Outbound Call Centre Services

Outbound Call Centre Services

Outbound Outsourcing

The success of every business lies in providing best customer services. It’s important to reach out to customer through outbound calls to provide the required customer support. We at ISPL provide various Outbound Call Centre outsourcing services.

Our key outbound services are lead validation, data cleansing, conducting customer satisfaction surveys (CSI), post service / sales feedback calls, lead generation through enquiries, subscription renewal reminders, telephonic surveys, order confirmation, missed call service, social media enquiries, website/online enquiries etc.

Please note we do not outsource Cold / Random Calling, Tele Sales and Tele Marketing.

Are you a business generating sales leads through advertisements or social media promotions? You may end up receiving loads of leads. As we all know not all leads are saleable. We need to validate the leads to optimize the campaign for good results. The conversion probability is more when the customer is contacted at the earliest. This may not be possible by businesses especially when they launch advertisement campaigns which will result in huge volume of leads pouring in. We help businesses through our outbound call centre to validate the leads and supply you with only eligible / qualified leads.

If your business has old database of customers or potential customers and if you would like to cleanse it then updated customer database is a very important. We help you by outbound calls to customers and get their updated details. We recommend every organization to update their database at least once a year. If you outsource it to us, then we can help you through our outbound call centre.

We provide CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Surveys). We do this to get feedback on product, services, experience, new products etc. We will be able to customer / employee satisfaction surveys. Our agents are multilingual and we are currently providing support in 8 Indian languages and English. Please fill the enquiry form or email us your requirement. We will call you to begin the outbound call services journey.