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Cloud Call Centre Services

The success of every business depends on the responsiveness to customers. Customers should be heard always and not every business have the luxury of having their own call Centre. The in house call Centre demands hiring skilled resources, training, managing the team etc. We understand the challenges of the startup companies, small and medium sized businesses.

We have a solution. We will let your customers experience a delighted customer support experience through our cloud Call Centre concept. Ours is a simple but proven model. We just need you to forward calls to us and provide us with FAQs to handle your customers.

Who will be benefited?
  •   Startups and SMEs
  •   If your business receives less than 50 calls a day
  •   You do not want to miss out any calls
  •   You cannot afford exclusive customer support team
  •   Need Multilingual speakers
  •   Your requirement is for a short period of time
  •   To handle advertisement calls (property, rental, matrimonial, dealership, franchise etc.)

How it works?
It’s simple, hassle free and Pay as you go model. We would request you to forward calls to our number and provide us with FAQs to handle your customers. Our multilingual, trained team will handle calls professionals and provide required support to your customers.

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